Honors & Courses


During my graduate study at McGill Univeristy

During my undergraduate study at Beijing Institute of Technology

  • MIIT Scholarship for Scientific Innovation (only one undergraduate winner in our department), 01.2019
  • First Prize of the CASC Scholarship (only one winner in our major), 10.2018
  • First Prize of the Fast Gear Scholarship (only one winner in our major), 11.2017
  • Industry Scholarship for All-round Development (only 10 winners in BIT), 12.2016
  • SWAT Scholarship (only 5 winners in our department), 2017-2018
  • First Prize of the People‚Äôs Scholarship (top 5%, four times), 2016-2017
  • Honorable Mention of Mathematical Contest in Modeling, 03.2017
  • Third Prize of the 7th Mathorcup Mathematical Contest in Modeling, 05.2017


Machine learning


Robotics and Control