About me

I am a PhD student in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Engineering, University of Toronto. My research is focuing on reinforcement learning for mixed autonomous traffic control.

I received my bachelor degree in vehicle engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology. During my undergraduate study, I was a visiting student researcher at Berkeley Deep Drive, University of California Berkeley. After my undergraduate study, I worked as research intern in L4 automated driving group at Momenta.ai. I also worked as research intern in based model group at Megvii Technology. During my master study at McGill, I worked on Deep reinforcement learning for autonomous vehicle decision making. I also did an internship at Mila on reinforcement learning for traffic signal control.

Research Interests

My current research centers on the area of reinforcement learning and deep neural network, developing innovative methodologies and applications to address safety, efficiency, and resilience issues in multi-agent systems decision and control.